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The term "brand" is one of the most widely used and least understood words in business today. Often confused with "advertising" or "corporate image," a corporate brand is an organization's promise to consistently deliver specific, differentiated, and relevant value to key stakeholders—customers, employees, business partners, analysts, the media, and all other groups that determine the viability of your company's success. Business leaders like IBM, Starbucks, and FedEx know that an effectively managed brand can influence customer preference, strengthen bottom line performance, and create competitive advantage. Yet for many organizations, the corporate brand remains an uncultivated business asset.

Corporate branding is a continuous business process—one that is strategically planned, aligned, and integrated throughout the entire organization. Building Brand Advantage gives participants a unique opportunity to develop an understanding of the critical importance of corporate brands—how to create, market and strategically manage brands to build and sustain competitive advantage.

Strategies for Planned Change designs strategies for success that will help you and your company compete more effectively worldwide.

Strategies for Planned Change